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Established in January 2009, SS Microbial Sdn Bhd has made leaps and bounds in the waste recycling industry in Malaysia. As generation of municipal solid wastes in Malaysia has increased more than 91% in the past decade, SS Microbial Sdn Bhd works with the local government to minimize landfill usage by recycling organic solid waste to create organic fertilizer. Utilizing PLG Micro-organism Technology, the company’s composting plants, located in Sandakan and Kota Bahru, have the capacity to produce annually over 25,000 tons of organic fertilizer with the treatment of over 80,000 tons of municipal solid waste. Operating under process procedures and methods developed from 20 years of technology transfer and research from Full Lead Bio Tech Co Ltd Pte (a company incorporated in Taiwan), SS Microbial Sdn Bhd aims to reduce the country’s dependency on landfills while extending the life of current landfill to create a more conducive environment.

While solid inorganic waste such as glass and plastic bottles is recycled, organic waste is often left to rot, creating harmful and unhealthy environment. SS Microbial Sdn Bhd utilizing PLG Micro-organism technology converts all forms of organic waste to organic fertilizer thus reducing stress on landfills and eliminates harmful emission.